10 stunningly beautiful Instagram-worthy places near Greystone you must visit 

The cafe is really cozy and they server one of the best sandwiches I have ever tasted, try it! The quality of each food are definitely top-notched. This is a must-not-missed cafe for visiting near Golden Lake.

The Fourth Chute

The Bonnechere River, 145 kilometres from its source in Algonquin Park to its end point in the Ottawa River, features five waterfalls of varying height. Loggers bypassed each one using wooden chutes, and the falls are therefore referred to as The First Chute and so on. The Fourth Chute, pictured here, is a lovely cascading waterfall near Eganville; others may be higher or course through dramatic gorges. The Fourth Chute is close to the spectacular Bonnechere Caves where tours highlight rock formations, fossils, bats, and stalactites.